Dienstag, 27. März 2007

Save time and energy creating large picklists

Some time ago I created an online tool which makes life easier if you have to generate large picklists. Creating every item one-by-one can be very tideous. Caution: only use it, if you are comfortable with editing XML-Files and know exactly what you are doing ;-)

Here's how to use it (at your own risk):
  1. Create the attribute/picklist in the Microsoft CRM entity customization

  2. Add at least one option

  3. Export the entity as XML

  4. go here: http://www.beatnik.at/picklist_for_mscrm.php
  5. Choose the appropriate language setting (if missing, contact me)

  6. Enter the desired picklist values into the textbox

  7. Click "Generate XML"

  8. Open the XML-File that you exported in step (3) with WordPad or your favourite TextEditor (Notepad tends to have problems with encoding)

  9. Search for the displayname or the schemaname of the attribute

  10. Replace the options tag with the XML-String generated in (7).
    It might look like that:

  11. <options nextvalue="3">

  12. Save the XML-Customizations File

  13. Import the File into MS CRM and publish

Montag, 26. März 2007

Hello World!

I'm working as a crm consultant for world-direct.at, a subsidiary company of Telekom Austria. Together with our CRM-Team I am planning and implementing Microsoft CRM solutions in Austria with a strong focus on tight integration into backend- and legacy systems.

On this blog I try to share our experiences using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and hope to give you valuable hints, tipps and tricks for survival with MSCRM ;-)