Freitag, 13. April 2007

Extracting GUIDs using Excel

Sometimes you might need GUIDs when you export data, so that you can use these as keys for further processing. Too bad you can't add GUIDs as columns for the resultset. An easy way to achive that (apart from querying the database directly) is using Excel.

1. Export your "Advanced Search" or a predefined View as "Dynamic Worksheet"

2. Rightclick on any of the records and go to "Edit Query" - ignore the error-message.

3. After closing the resulting window Excel will display the GUIDs - it's magic!

Of course you can also use this method to directly query the database by clicking "SQL" in the query window ;-)

Freitag, 6. April 2007

IE7 hangs during import of customizations

This one gave me headache already a couple of times:
when you try to import customizations, the upload works fine but when you select "import customizations" or "import selected customizations" the following popup hangs. This is a known issue and seems to be connected with Internet Explorer 7. What I found was that the import has worked, it's just the visual feedback ("OK" button being enabled) that is missing.

there are 3 ways to resolve that:

  1. install the hotfix (no download, needs to be requested from MS)
  2. wait a few seconds, close the window and publish, the import has worked!
  3. Use IE6

Note: This one is not fixed with the Rollup Update1.