Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2007

Features still missing in 4.0 (formerly called Titan)

Non disclosure period ended yesterday and Michael Höhne (who else ;-) already wrote a very nice summary including screenshots regarding the main features of the new release. http://www.stunnware.com/crm2/topic.aspx?id=TitanBeta3

We also evaluated the Preview Version (CTP3) and are very very very happy about the added functionality. Here are my favourites:

  • Duplicate detection
  • Multi Tenancy
  • Multi Language
  • Better support of Internet Facing Deployments (HMC no longer necessary)
  • Changes in Workflow (Webbased Admin, Trigger on Attribute Change)
  • Cross-Entity Views
  • New Data Import- and Migrationtool supporting custom entities

There are still some features that I was hoping for, which are not included in CTP3 (and will most likely not be included in the final version). Among these are:

  • No multi-select picklists
  • No filtered lookups (Michael Höhne has a workaround, though)
  • No total number of records in views

3 Kommentare:

  1. For the multiselect picklist, you could create a new entity and add a N-N relationship and place the area in an iframe on the informationtab. (To abuse this new feature from the start :-))

  2. true. to optimize the user experience and to save userclicks one could create a standard picklist with the possible values above the iframe on the form, use ajax to create a new record for the related entity and refresh the iframe.