Freitag, 25. Jänner 2008

Official launch of CRM 4.0 in Austria – our project selected!

Today Microsoft Dynamics 4.0 was officially launched in Austria. Therefore Microsoft held a press conference in Vienna, attendance and interest were better than expected. Many journalists of Austrian IT-media were present when Elisabeth Unger-Krenthaller (Product Manager Dynamics CRM) explained the benefits of the new version. One of our customers was selected to deliver first-hand information why to choose CRM 4.0. Thomas Engel, IT-Manager of Bau-Data GmbH praised multi-tenancy, multi-currency, outsourcing-capabilities and easy integration into backoffice and legacy applications. As this project will have some cool features such as Virtual Earth Integration to visualize realtime-data, i think, i’m gonna post one or the other screenshot as soon as we progressed further in the development process…

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