Mittwoch, 16. April 2008

This year's "CRM Jahrestagung 2008"

Also this year we could showcase one of our projects at the annual "CRM Jahrestagung" which is organized by Businesscircle and considered the most important CRM-Event in Austria. Amidst other speakers from companies such as "D. SWAROVSKI & CO", "Nestlè Nespresso", "Telefònica" and "Dresdner Bank" I could talk about our current project for BWT. Project Manager Markus Nachtmann and me focussed on the challenges of user adoption and training. We also gave our solution a name (Jeannie) to be able to blame someone, if it doesn't work as expected ;-)

PS: And yes, you can ask me how we got Jeannie into the left navigation area.

2 Kommentare:

  1. can you please tell me how you got Jeannie into the left navigation area?
    It looks very nice!

  2. can you please let me know how you got Jeannie into the left route region?

    It looks exceptionally great!